? Challenging 4x4 Driving Experience In The Charente, France
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The 4 wheel drive experience is a challenging natural course set on a steep wooded hillside leading down to a river, amazing terrain to try to conquer.

Introductory Try-It Options are available as well as half and full or multi-day courses. There are options for beginners through
to professionals.

4x4 Try –It Days are held monthly throughout the year.

4x4 Try-It = € 85   (Held monthly)

Half Day Course = € 150

Full Day Course = € 280

2 Day Course - designed to your
requirements € P.O.A

All pricess are per person unless otherwise stated

Get to know the Suzuki Jeep, learn what it and what you can do, get to know it’s height, width, length, approach angle, departure angle and ramp angle – so that you can pass through tight areas without damage, learn the skills of experienced 4x4 drivers, becoming extremely smooth to leave minimum impact on the terrain, at the same time as getting through it, applying and releasing the throttle smoothly, steering precisely and using the brakes as little as possible. Learn techniques that will help you stay in control and conquer the terrain with finesse and safety and have an amazing experience at the same time.